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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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july 14. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. the lights are back on. the last couple of days one side was off. now they're back off. roberta turned it on. >> depends which side i sleep on. oh, lights are on! [ laughter ] >> good morning, rise and shine! it's going to be hot inland. coastal areas will still be on the relatively school summertime side -- cool summertime side. 50s at the beaches, 60s in oakland through alameda into period monday, 63 mountain view and san jose, 60s in piedmont. 100 today inland. 80s peninsula. 60s at the beaches. 70s at the bay. san rafael 84. i'll show you where to expect triple digits. here's gianna. >> good morning. we are going to the bay bridge now. caltrans working hard on repairs there from center
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acreage. eastbound two lanes closed until 6:00 as well as westbound. no delays, it's early. two suspects are now in custody in connection with a deadly shooting in alameda county. it happened yesterday afternoon in hayward near cherry land. the victim was driving a red dodge pickup southbound on meekland avenue. he was shot as he was about to turn on blossom way. >> it appears our suspect was on foot approached our victim in his vehicle and fired into the vehicle striking him, killing him most likely instantly. and then fled on foot. >> along with the suspected shooter, a woman was also arrested accused of driving him to the scene. so far, no word on a motive. police are expected to release more details later today. police in east lansing, michigan, have released more information about the arrest of golden state warriors forward draymond green. kpix 5's andria borba has the
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latest on what led to the alleged assault reporter: according to a police report, the incident that landed draymond green in handcuffs actually had roots in a verbal altercation the day before. the man pressing charges, michigan state character jermaine edmondson, claims draymond bumped into him at a bar in east lansing on july 8 and when asked for an apology green said, do you know who i am? the next night, july 9, draymond and jermaine crossed paths in another east lansing bar this time their run-in didn't end with the words but hands ending with at least one swing from draymond to jermaine's left cheek. this video from tmz sports shows the aftermath outside the bar. witnesses say it was a slap. in his statement, jermaine said it was a punch. sittingdraymond said -- >> i think when things happen, you know, i think you meet them head on. my legal team is handling it.
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it will be resolved really quickly. and you know, as a public figure, i just can't put myself in certain situations. >> reporter: the police report continues on to say getting loaded into a cruiser draymond told the arresting officer he was sorry for slapping the suspect and just wanted to speak with him and make things right. this is draymond's booking photo that tmz sports got their hands on. >> so it's something that i learned from and just move on. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> last night michigan state university announced edmondson is leaving the football team to play elsewhere. school officials indicated edmondson wanted more playing time. the draymond green incident was not mentioned. bullets may stop flying on highway 4 in pittsburg. cameras are going up on the road. east bay highway has seen 20 shootings since november some deadly. we are told that by monday, more than a dozen cameras will be watching highway 4. in recent weeks, several east bay
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mayors have pushed state officials to help pay to install the cameras on the freeways. a gun stolen during a smash- and-grab in sacramento turned up in oakland. kpix 5's christin ayers tells us, those suspects are in custody but this style of crime is becoming a trend. >> reporter: the most brazen sort of smash-and-grab, a honda crv slams into a suburban sacramento gun store and the suspects four of them fell out one wearing a sweatshirt saying oakland usa. the same suv was tracked to 68th and macarthur east oakland usa. inside, law enforcement sources say authorities recovered almost all the stolen guns. people living here didn't want to talk. they arrested people and feds said you may see more law enforcement activity as part of
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the investigation. >> we have gotten a number of people that have decided to make this their business and they have been very vigorous in trying to steal firearms. >> reporter: atf resident agent in charge graham barlow says gun thefts are up in northern california. we found out there have been at least 200 guns stolen from sacramento to the bay area over the past few months. only a couple dozen have been recovered. >> right now, it is a significant problem in the area. and we are dedicating a lot of resources to it. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. time 4:35. let's get a check of weather with roberta this morning. >> i put together this one computer model because it's so difficult to tell when it's this dark outside this early at o dark hundred where the exact layer of low clouds and fog is. if you look at the microclimates, there you have it, clouds off the coast, will be pouring into the golden gate around sunrise. right now we have a lot of
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clear skies, 52 in pacifica. 63 degrees in fairfield. that's not good sleeping weather, guys. >> no? >> no. you throw open the windows, it does nothing. 63 in san jose. here's what you need to know. average high temperature concord is 87 degrees. instead 98 degrees today. well above average in san jose. 6 degrees above normal in oakland. we are playing it out like this in the 60s at the beaches. you will have a hint of more sun today than yesterday. 80s and 90s will be common around the peninsula until we jump up to 90 in campbell. low 90s in morgan hill. also mid-90s in gilroy. east of the bay, this is some of the hottest temperatures. striking out at 100 degrees easily in danville but someone's neighborhood will easily hit, like, 102 in their backyard same in pleasanton. i know i experienced 97 degrees there yesterday. 100 degrees in brentwood, tracy, oakley, discovery bay, backing through byron. mid-60s in bodega bay to 90 in sonoma. the heat is on in the far reaches of the north bay.
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ukiah at 100, same in clearlake. the full forecast shows some relief, that's coming up shortly. >> thank you very much. we are dealing with roadwork out there near the bay bridge so keep this in mind early this morning. westbound from east center anchorage to at least fremont street or just before two lanes closed wrapping up within the next 20 minutes. on the lower deck construction extends until 6:00 this morning affecting the portion between 5th street to the center anchorage. two lanes will be closed the lower deck but the commute direction is the westbound side. towards the toll plaza this is what you have in store for you. live look at conditions. those cars making their way into san francisco. no major delays or accidents. to the altamont pass, busy. you have slow-and-go conditions, slower speeds westbound 580 coming out of tracy. you will see better conditions though once you get past greenville. back to you. on to the presidential race where the republican national convention in cleveland is just
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days away. today a republican rules committee is expected to vote on whether to allow convention delegate to vote their conscience instead of being required to vote for donald trump. presumptive republican nominee is set to reveal his choice. meanwhile the running mate tomorrow. he said he whittled down his vice-presidential picks to two people. >> i want to pick somebody who is solid, who is smart. i'm not looking for an attack dog. >> former house speaker newt gingrich indicated that the choice might be between him and indiana governor mike pence. as for trump's likely democratic opponent, hillary clinton will campaign today in virginia with senator tim kaine. he is considered a front-runner for clinton's choice as running mate. the new "pokemon go" app has led users right to trouble in the weeks since it was released but it's also helped do some good. two players actually nabbed a suspect wanted for attempted murder in a park in fullerton.
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police arrested this man, 39- year-old jacob kells for child annoyance. his background was checked and he was wanted for attempted murder in sonoma. they were playing in the park when they saw the man inappropriately touch children. the men grabbed him and called 911. >> the gentleman walks up and starts touching a child, a boy from the toe going to up to the knee and i started running. another man starts running too. >> police say the suspect will be taken to sonoma for the attempted murder warrant. uber has a scuffle to sort out. a california driver loses his temper in front of a passenger and the woman catches every bad word on camera. but as reporter tom waite shows us, the rider may be in the wrong. [ screaming ] >> get out of my car! you [ censored ] moron get out! >> reporter: an uber driver snapped losing his temper as he
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demands his passenger leave his vehicle. but the passenger is not budging. >> you have no right to scream at me. >> i will [ censored ] talk to you any [ censored ] way i want. [ driver screaming at the top of his lungs ] >> reporter: it's a long beach hospital. the passenger starts recording as the driver tries to drop her off. >> you are at the hospital! administration is right here. >> i'm going to the emergency room, sir. >> get in there. get out of my car now. >> where is my destination? >> get out of my car now. >> sir, i'm asking you -- >> get out of my car now!! >> reporter: the mind-numbing back and forth continues for several minutes. uber says they were contacted by the driver and passenger and the driver is suspended while the company investigates. while the driver is extremely irate, the question is, did he break the law? cbs 2 legal analyst steve meister says the passenger may be the one in the wrong. >> she had no right to videotape him without his permission.
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she did not seem to be in any distress or experiencing any kind of emergency at all. and she was antagonizing him. >> reporter: meister says the hired driver has the right to tell a passenger to leave a vehicle at a safe location. we don't know exactly how this encounter ended but someone else's voice can be heard at the end of the clip. >> can you get her out of my car, please? >> i can't put hands on her. >> where is the emergency room? >> reporter: tom waite, los angeles, california. time now 4:41. nearly 8 in 10 drivers say they get angry behind the wheel. more on the road rage study raising eyebrows, that's next. ,,,,,,,,
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is ,,,,
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but it turns out: 80-percent of drivers have gotten mad behind the wheel, and done some most of us think road rage is a feeling only other people deal with but 80% of drivers have gotten mad behind the wheel and done something regrettable. the new survey from aaa also shows 51% of people admit to
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purposefully tailgating and aaa also estimates that nearly 6 million drivers are actually bumped -- have actually bumped a car on purpose. the data suggests male drivers and those between 18 and 39 will get aggressive. some are not admitting it. >> i think we are surprised at how much it's occurring. and to tell you the truth, you know, a lot of times we look at these numbers and people tend to underreport. >> i think people need to understand the depth of their actions. >> and if you are wondering the worst place to take a pleasant drive it's the northeast. aaa shows drivers there are angrier than everyone else in the u.s. >> glad we're here. tesla is making its model x electric car more affordable, announcing a less expensive version going for $74,000, $9,000 less than the previous starter car tesla. the lower priced car has a few drawbacks including a shorter range. grownup millennials are
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turning to parents for money still. a study by suntrust bank listed people between 21 and 34 and found one out of four of them still depend on parents for money making it difficult for parents. experts say to have a "conversation" with your children and set a date to cut the cord. >> we love our children but it's about doing those things in the interim to set them up for success when you're out of the financial picture. >> experts say setting up three separate accounts, one for major purposes, one for emergencies and one for investing, can help millennials save. don't you hate it when you're trying to take the perfect picture and someone photo bombs it? nasa scientists say it happened to them when they were taking pictures of earth last week. as you can see the moon right there was the problem. it kept getting in the way of their view of our planet. it turns out, though, that nasa scientists are excited by this photo bomb about the moon because it allows them to see
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the far side of the moon which is never seen from earth. >> that's cool. >> the moon this morning is 68% waxing gibbous on its way to becoming a -- >> full moon! >> we can see it because it's so clear. even the coast has some clear skies right now. but we'll see some thin overcast onshore into the bay by sunrise. that's pretty. this is our live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid looking east towards the tri- valley, where currently it's 64 degrees. it's 67 in oakland. i think there's a little burp in the temperatures in redwood city. i'll go back and call the national weather service on that one. otherwise 53 in santa rosa. pretty flat. we'll have a variable wind late day today up from 15 to 20
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miles an hour. otherwise 5 along the seashore, 6 in san jose, 7 in napa, a little breeze in fairfield. the same drill again today. those winds will increase sundowner winds late afternoon hours but still bearable up to 20 miles per hour. we won't see that wind earlier. it's another "spare the air" day unhealthy hazy sunshine especially east of the bay. thin overcast this morning but then everyone will see some sunshine, robust warming continues inland. and again it is that "spare the air" day. there you have the stratus very thin for this hour. thinner than 24 hours ago. as we take a look at our full satellite and radar, we see that we have this huge dome of high pressure that's en come pussing the desert southwest -- encompassing the desert southwest. that's going to make a difference in our forecast by the weekend going south and enhancing the marine layer. i wanted to share this photograph with you, from forest ranger phil, if you are
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thinking of heading to yosemite, 93 there today. 80 in the high sierra. today we are talking about temperatures hotter than yesterday, 100 degrees. extended forecast we begin to gradually cool down on the weekend. jumping to the roads, golden gate bridge is a great start out of marin county this morning. if you have to go to work early, it's a good time to drive, no trouble or accidents. everything is quiet south 101. from 580 down into san francisco, it only fakes 14, 15 minutes so pretty -- it only takes 14, 15 minutes so pretty easy commute this morning. san mateo bridge westbound so far traffic is moving with no trouble. we had some overnight roadwork removed. it's nice there. eastbound no problems. if you are going between 880
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and 101 it will take you 13 minutes between hayward and foster city. we have a few cars in the cash lanes on the bay bridge, may slow you down a bit. fastrak is a great choice, carpool will help you out, as well. hopefully it won't last long. overall it's an easy ride out of oakland towards san francisco. don't forget though there is roadwork on the bay bridge westbound from center anchorage to fremont street. that should be wrapped up in 10 minutes on the lower deck through until 6 a.m. over to oakland, both directions, 880 nimitz freeway, northbound let's take a look at that first, 238 to the maze, 16 minutes. southbound, everything is clear. you're moving along just fine out of oakland. san lorenzo, hayward, union city into fremont. in fact, in the south bay, via 880, no troubles. same for the south bay. taking a look at our drive times here, north 101 about 11 to 12 minutes between 280/680 to 237. guadalupe parkway checking in
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with no accidents. and northbound 280 has been an easy ride so far from 101/680 to 85. that will take you 11 minutes. you won't have any troubles north of there if you are heading into san francisco. and you can see we're clocking in some nice speeds on 101, 62 miles per hour as you pass capitol expressway. where we are seeing some slight delays is westbound 580, 205 to the altamont pass. about a 10-minute ride. but speeds above 25 miles per hour which, guys, sometimes that's a good thing. >> right. >> that's right, gianna. some people despise barbies for their slim figures and perfect hair but mattel's new presidential doll comes in several varieties and it has moms smiling because as we show you, this barbie lets little girls know they can even lead a country. >> as a president it's great because my daughter also wants to be a president. so if she can have the barbie to idolize her dreams, it's amazing to me. reporter: anything ken can do, barbie and her bessie can do better. >> i think women should be able
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to have any dream that they want to dream of and accomplish that dream so barbie's great for letting my daughter have the option of letting her know it's a possibility. >> reporter: the sacramento mom says she had always hoped for unbridled opportunities for her little girl and loves the idea of customers being able to choose their dolls' hair color and skin tone. jeff johnson says the all female presidential package helps reinforce the message that gender doesn't limit potential. >> i think that's awesome. why not? , right? we may have a female president coming up. so yeah, i think it's good. i think it's good for ken's generation. >> reporter: at a time when we have two women making history in politics, some parents expressed some skepticism about the doll's overall impact. according to the girl scouts research inches extent, 68% of girls don't feel encouraged to pursue careers as politicians. it's a statistic many parents we spoke to believe will improve because of the toy even
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if it means breaking through a "plastic ceiling." >> we have so many female role models and it's a great aspiration. barbie does everything. she can be president too. >> mattel has sold the presidential barbie since the early '90s but this all female ticket is a first for the company. the two dolls come in one box for $25 online. time now 4:52. do you know what's in that beer you're drinking? soon you will. how people are reacting to the news that beer companies will start sharing the truth on their labels. when consultant josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent!
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i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la...
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cold brew. that's because four of the biggest u-s brewers will soon be putting calorie counts on their labels. talked with beer drinkers will know what they're having because
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four of the biggest u.s. brewers will soon be putting calorie counts on their labels. kpix 5's betty yu talked with locals to gauge reaction reporter: it's been called the world's oldest alcoholic drink. but do you know what's really in your beer? >> um, that's a good question. i mean, i know, hops, barley, rye, um, maybe not rye but, probably not as much as i should know but i think that's definitely an important thing. >> reporter: under new industry guidelines, beer drinkers will be able to see just how many calories they are drinking. the country's biggest brewers including miller coarse anheuser-busch and heinekin just agreed to voluntarily add calories, carb, protein, fat and alcohol content on cans an bottles by 2020. >> that makes drinking less fun. >> i know i'm consuming alcohol to begin with and i think for me, i'm not going to really -- it's not going to weigh heavily on my decision whether to consume a light beer because it's lower in calories.
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>> reporter: the beer institute is also encouraging brewers show when a beer was brewed, list the ingredients and point to a website or include a code that can be scanned with a smartphone for more information. that's important information to people like susan walker. >> i do appreciate that because as a type 1 diabetic you're always trying to do a carb count and to know exactly what's on the bottle makes it faster. >> reporter: industry experts applauded the beer institute's decision to post nutritional information given that many beer brands sold today contain more than one standard drink. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. >> the beer institute guidelines do not include craft beers. you have heard the phrase, mind over matter. but now that applies to operating drones. an arizona state university researcher has discovered how to control robotic drones by using your thoughts. it all starts with a sci-fi-
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like skullcap. 128 electrodes measure brain activity and that activity gets translated into movement. so far an operator can only control four drones at a time but researchers hope to get one person to control as many as 20. >> if you want to cover specific area you want to change their distance and cover bigger area at one point and this is something that you can do only with a single human controlling multiple robots. >> it's funded by $860,000 grant from the department of defense. it is 4:57. police body cam video just released shows the fatal shooting of a teen in fresno. why it's now sparking protests and debate on a national scale. >> i'm lisa chan live in the newsroom. two men accused of violently robbing an armored truck guard will be in court today. we have more details on how it happened and how the guard is doing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's roberta gonzales good morning. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check the conditions outside. a look at the bay bridge. the right side is all lit up. couple of days ago it wasn't. >> so now it's all lit up and beautiful gorgeous and looks like a nice day out there so far. >> it is going to be a nice day and it's hard to believe in livermore. last year at this time we had 13 days of temperatures in the 90s or higher. so far we have only 3. but today is going to be the fourth and tomorrow will be the fifth. good morning, everybody. stepping out, wow! it is not official sun-up yet but it's brightening up east of the bay. temperatures right now 61 in livermore. mid-50s san francisco. redwood city cool to $5. 53 in santa rosa. here's what you need to know about your thursday. our numbers well


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